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Hi, I'm Adeniyi

Be honest, you are not here by accident. You are here beause you want to get to know me better. I would do my best to tell you about myself and a little of my story growing up. I love to connect with new people. IF you would love to connect with me too, there is a small button at the end of this page labelled with SUBSCRIBE. Enter your email and subscribe. WELCOME TO MY PAGE.

Adeniyi Aderehinwo Resume passport website designer developer

Wondering who Neyobouncin is? That’s me! But “G” is absent at the end right? Yes, G belongs to God. LOL.


My computer and internet story started around 2005. See around this time, smart phones and laptops were not as common and as cheap as we have now especially in my part of the world (Nigeria). Back then, iIf you want to use the internet, you will have to “buy time” from a cybercafe.

My older brother was managing a cybercafe around this time and he was the one that guided on how to use the internet. Most people around here back then had to learn to use Microsoft Office Packages  especially MS-Word before using the internet. It was not the same for me.

I learnt to use computer by reading news from BBC and CNN website, then proceeded to opening social media accounts like ESKIMI and AirG. If you are not on one of these two social plaform, you are really out of vogue (then).

I discovered the real beauty of internet when I got to SS 1 (that’s around 2008) when I had to do a lot of research to get my Geography assignments done.

Microsoft Office (Desktop Publishing)

There is not much story to tell here except that I learnt to use  Microsoft Office Packages as a beginner at Soman Computer Training Center. It is common to refer to this as Desktop Publishing (creation of documents using page layout software on a personal computer). This was around 2008 too. I was about to start my SS journey.

Online courses

I, alongside my team,  time to time hold a Master Class on Microsoft packages from beginner to Advance. Click here to register.

Office / Home ICT Coaching

We also have options for homes and office training. We will have to verify your address first. So Visit Here to let us have basic information about you


You should consult us if you will be venturing into any ICT business soon. We provide support in website design, graphic design, branding and digital marketing. Click Here to know more.


Primary – Immanuel Primary School, Orita UI, Ibadan.

Secondary – Immanuel College Senior High School II, Orita UI, Ibadan.

Post-Secondary : Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan.

Undergraduate: University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

All in Oyo state, Nigeria.




  • Micky- Micky Steel Works, iyana Cele, Apata, Ibadan.
  • Fagomint Nigeria Limited,  Gospel Town, Ibadan.
  • BL-Paulsen Resources, Ojoo, Ibadan.
  • Obkaz Steel Works, Amuda-Ojere, Iwo Road, Ibadan.
  • Engineering Department, Oyo State Secretariat, Ibadan
  • Farmergiant Nigeria Limited, Oluyole, Ibadan.
All are in Oyo State, Nigeria.

Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD, Solidworks, SolidEdge)

I saw a need to have a soft engineering skills right from my polytechnic days. After I graduated, I took up a Proficiency Course in AutoCAD 2D & 3D . I have been using it since then.

I had to learn Solidworks after I discovered a very cool feature – it is history based. You can always go back and modify your model unlike AutoCAD. Further more it generates three kinds of interconnected files: the part, the assembly, and the drawing which make pretty easy. It also has additional features for simulation and animation.

I came about SolidEdge after I was invited to join a design team  in which they are only allowed to use SolidEge Software for a competition. With its Synchronous Technology, it is similar to Solidworks but ways cooler.

I am grateful to the following brands for the trust they have bestowed in me over the years.

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There is this quote I love so much, “If you are surrounded by beauty, eventually you become what you see.

Then there is this other one, “find beauty wherever you are and if you can’t find it, make it.”

My interest in graphics stem from my love for beauty (not pulchritude). Luckily, I interned in an ICT company (BL-Paulsen Resources) where they also teach graphics. I was not though but I had access to materials.

Guess what? As a beginner I designed some “very ugly” graphics usually flyers. And I do upload them. Once in a while, when surfing Google images I find some of them saying “hi” to me. Now whenever I look back to those days, I just smile.

Meanwhile, I started with CorelDraw but I have moved to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator because they have cooler features are more advanced (by my standard).

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Mr. Adeniyi is a very dependable young man that always keep his promise. The website he designed and developed for us is perfect.

Website Design and Development

I saved the best for the last. Did you see that coming? I don’t think so.

How many of you remember those days when Linda Ikeji was the hot cake – The Main blogger? The days of blogspot and every youth wanted to be like Linda Ikeji _ Blogger.

I was there too. I did not create my own blog immediately it was much later but every time I visited the cybercafe, I made sure I visited her blog to get the latest gist and celebrity news. She started with a simple free blogspot.

I created my own first blog, www.neyobouncin.blogspot.com in 2013. Unlike Linda Ikeji, I do not post news or rumours. I only post jokes.

Three years later, I created my second blog, www.tuplea.blogspot.com . This time it is directed for my brand promotion. What you will see there are adverts.

They are both active till today but I no longer use nor post on them. YES! Do you remember those ugly designs I mentioned the other time? You will find a number of them on these blogs. Check them out, they aren’t so ugly.

My first website project was for my sister’s company Aquaborne Global Enterprise. Though before this, I have been involved in website design projects with professionals.

Since then I have built several websites which ranges between business websites to blogs to e-Commerce websites.

See My Projects Section to have a peek into my some of my projects. This is not the end. Keep checking for update.

Thanks for reading.

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Telephone: 0813-238-0951

“In a world of algorithm, hashtags and followers, it important to know the tue importance of connection.”

Adeniyi Aderehinwo Resume passport website designer developer

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