October 9, 2020

How to be great!

Learn Greatness

You are made for greatness but it is not given to you on a platter of gold.

You will be Christen by your parents but it is your responsibility to give your name a meaning.

When your name has meaning not only to you but to everyone that come in touch with you, this means you have discovered your purpose in life.

Discovering a purpose in life is then what makes a man great. True greatness arise when you are a source of blessing to people around you.

Let me go back to the top.

Sir Isaac Newton, “if I have seen beyond, it is because I am sitting on the shoulder of Giants.”

If you really want to be great, you have to move closer to those who are already truly great. It will not be easy at first.

Do everything to get close, observe their ways, listen to their stories and when possible render your little service.

Today, I want you to realize something. Great people hardly receive or get any offer from anybody (they do not expect it, by the way)… Now imagine you offering your little gift or service to them. They will be quick to notice. Then they observe you closely and finally they do everything to pull you up too.

You are on your way to greatness, my friend.

PS: Do not give anything to anybody with intention to receive back in folds, you will never get. No one receive anything unless it is given from heaven.

Finally, do not chase greatness, be good to everyone, Rich and Poor alike. A good name is better than silver and gold. Greatness always find those who deserve it.

How do you define greatness?

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