How to appear on Search Engines using Google Card
October 4, 2015

How to appear on Search Engines using Google Card

If you are a tech enthusiast, or you are into marketing, development or even writing, you would agree with me that being visible online could increase the rate at which people patronise you, hence your value.

The world has come to a stage in which if people can not easily discover or find you online, then it is most likely they will not rate you or your work well. So as a Website Developer and Digital Marketer, I have always sought for new ways to be discovered easily online. Everyone want to appear on Wikipedia, right? But we will talk about Wikipedia another day.

There used to be two major ways to show your online presence on search engines and which are;

1. Getting yourself a domain online (like mine and

2. Making use of your social handles or accounts on forums.

Less than 2 months ago, Google introduced a new features called Google Card. This is the People version of Google my Business (GMB). Ever heard of GMB? GMB makes business easily discovered online by local listing. I’ve written different articles on this in the past you may want to check my blog,

How do you register yourself on Google Card?

1. Open your Google Chrome browser and type “Add me to search”, then ENTER.

2. Notice a pop-up that shows “View Details” and “Get started.” Click on “Get started.”

3. Fill in every details you want people to know about you when you are searched for online such as Name, telephone number, Place of residence, state of origin, work, school and more.

4. Click on “Save” whenever you are done.

5. To see how you are going to appear in Search Engines, type your name in the box and search.

Please be aware that this feature is only available in four countries for now; India, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

I gave a sample of how I appear in search engine. I recently changed my name, that is why what you see in the search box is a little different from the Google Card result. Let me know how I can be of help to you and your business in becoming visible online. And remember to drop your comment if you find this article helpful.My contact details are on the picture.

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