September 26, 2020

Nigeria Is A Type Of Joke

I wrote this article four years ago. I had to bring it here since it is still relevant. Nothing has changed. It has only gotten worse.

This write up is based on my feeling at the time of writing and it is not meant to indignify the dignitaries neither is it meant to dignify the indignitaries. Meanwhile tactical criticism is allowed. Thank you.

Everything about Nigeria is comedy:

•Imagine the Governor of a state and the VC of a school awarding the best graduating student of a school(university) with a mug. Do they think graduating with a First class is like drinking tea.

• The president of a country budgeting millions of naira for securing grazing zone thereby encouraging normadic farming in this 22nd century.
•Imagine a state governor owing 5 months salaries, still threatening to sack workers who goes late to work or couldn’t show up at all. How does he expect them to get to work? Probably use black magic.
•May 29 is here, 1 year already gone. Boko haram is back and this time with an indescribable rage…. Where is the change we voted for?

#NigeriaAt60 #October2020

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