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Who Is Adeniyi?

Adeniyi, ADEREHINWO is a hard-working person who does not give up until a job is done. He is highly organized and focused. Takes delight in solving problems.

What He is

He has work experience in the areas of ICT, engineering, agriculture and finance having worked at several establishments and having held positions related to the above-mentioned. Over years, he keep improving in these areas by taking online and offline courses, internships and freelancing.​

Who He Is

He is a hard-working, resilient and goal driven individual who takes great delight in providing solutions. He is able to work with different kind of people as he has excellent listening and communication skills.

With these skills, he has held different leading positions at every phase of his life and has been exceptional.

Take for instance, he previously held the post of President of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering Students’ Society, University of Ibadan and was exceptional.

ADENIYI is highly creative and learn quickly. He perform tasks with little or no supervision. This is evident in the skills he had garnered over time through self-development and self-determination.

Take for example, he design machines and structures, model and simulate using top industry softwares like AutoCAD, Solidworks and Solidedge.

He is into graphic design, website design and development; and of course CAD (2D and 3D Designs).

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His Visions

– To provide solution to as many problems as possible to the best of ability

– To utilize opportunities to achieve superior performances and contribute to the growth of any society or company he finds himself.

To participate as a team key player (team member) in a dynamic work environment and acquiring greater skills.

To show kindness to all so as to make the world a better place.

Most importantly, he wish his life would inspire others and make them believe in themselves that everything is possible irrespective of their backgrounds.

Where He Is

ADENIYI resides in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Depending on when and where opportunity calls, he is very mobile and can relocate to any part of the world.


  • Computers
  • Codes
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Designs
  • Modelling
  • Simulation
  • Football
  • Christian Faith
  • Travelling


The following shows  my timeline under different categories:

2015 – 2019

University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

2012 – 2014

Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan.

2008 – 2011

Immanuel College Senior High School II, Ibadan.


Digital Marketing

Google Digital Skills for Africa – The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing


Operating Budget

Philanthropy University – Developing an operating Budget



YALI Network – Agripreneurship: A Path to the Future

2019 – 2020

Webstack Development

FreeCodeCamp  – HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment. Deeprimex Consulting, Nigeria.

Levels 1, 2 and 3.


NIAE Conference ’18

National Institution of Agricultural Engineers Conference (EKO 2018) – Student Participant


AutoCAD 2D and 3D

BL-Paulsen Resources – Proficiency in AutoCAD 2D and 3D.

  • Farmergiant Nigeria Limited – 2018
  • Obkaz Engineering – 2016
  • Oyo State Secretariat – Engineering Department – 2017
  • BL-Paulsen Resources – 2015
  • Fagomint Nigeria Limited – 2014
  • Micky-Micky Steel Works – 2013
Past Projects
  • Design and Construction of Greenhouse suited for Sub-Sahara Africa Climate.
  • Design of Multicrop Greenhouse Dryer (being a member of the PostHarvest Reduction Team)
  • Designed and developed several websites among which are farmermartng.com, Sambolproductions.com and tuplea.com.ng
  • Community Project including A Seat-out project, Renovation of RestRooms and Provision of Water System at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, University of Ibadan.
  • Carried a number of tasks in graphic and CAD designs.
  • Analysis and Determination of Energy Requirement in Boiling Locust Bean (Parkia biglobosa)
WordPress 95%
AutoCAD 2D and 3D 92%
Photoshop 92%
Solidworks 93%
Html, CSS & JavaScript 92%
Microsoft Office Package 95%


Dart and Flutter
Blockchain Technology

References are available on request.




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Digital Marketing

I can increase your ROI(Return On Investment) by implementing this established marketing strategies which includes
SEO(search Engine Optimization),
PPC (Pay Per Click),
Content Marketing, display marketing,
Email Marketing,
Social Media Marketing,
Voice SEO,
Video Marketing and many more..


I provide creative solutions to your design needs through exquisite website design solution, appealing graphic design solutions and 3D Designs.
I use top industrial software like WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD 2D and 3D, SolidWorks and SolidEdge

Facilitating, Consulting and Management

I have the experience and ability to plan, co-ordinate and manage both facility and people.


Subscribe on my channel on Youtube to watch some nice videos of simulations I have done in the past.

For any question or enquiries, please contact me through the medium given at the top of this page.

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