November 15, 2020

See Why And How You Should Promote Your Business With Facebook Targeted Advertising

No doubt you have read more than enough articles on why you need to take your business online by creating awareness.

One of the best platform where you can market your products and services is Facebook. Currently, Facebook has more than 2billion active users world wide.

When Facebook advertising is used correctly, it gives your business a competitive advantage.

This article is written so that you would have a knowledge of the different types of Facebook ads and their designs.

If you are familiar with the Digital Marketing world, you will agree that the three stages of marketing are AWARENESS, CONSIDERATION AND CONVERSION. This stages also applies in Facebook advertising.

(1) Awareness stage: here, you bring your products and services to the attention of potential clients. In order word, you are increasing your reach and base audience

(2) Consideration Stage: Techniques to encourage customers to look further into considering your products and services.

(3) Conversion Stage: final stage is to reach level of awareness where people are ready to convert.

Some of the objectives of these stages are; to get more clicks, engagements, impressions, lead, traffic, sales, store visits and many more.

– Information about your products and services
– Images or videos related to products or services rendered
– Your location like office address or how they can contact you.
– Link to your website, page or site for more information
– Call to Action (CTA)


Depending on your objectives or what you intend to achieve your adverts. Your Facebook ads must take one of the format below:

1. Video Ads: These are ads inform of videos. Your video should deliver one single message that is easily digestible i.e that would be easily understood and remembered.
Recommended Length: 15 – 20 seconds.

Photo Ads: This is inform of an image (e-flyers, e-banner etc). It must consist of a call to action button such as “learn more”, “apply now”, “invest now” and likes. Also your CTA must be linked to a site.

3. Slideshow Ads: uses images or videos to create a story. Use between 3 to 10 images or videos. You can upload directly to Facebook and use the recommended tools.

You can use 2 or more images with different headlines and these images can be linked to different webpages.

4. Carousel Ads: You can use 2 or more images with different headlines and these images can be linked to different webpages.

5. Canvas Ads: This is a full screen as experience. It is immersive and interactive. Every information is hosted on Facebook.

6. Dynamic Product Ads: This is particularly great for re-marketing. It allows you to promote your products and services to people who have shown interest in your previous posts and platforms.

7. Lead Form Ads: Direct you to a fillable online form that people would fill.


1. Boost an existing post

2. Promote your page

3. Send people to your website

4. Increase conversion on your website

5. Get installs on your app

6. Increase engagement in your app

7. Reach more people near your business

8. Raise Attendance.

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